Thangkar Dechen Choling Monastery has just completed a project to prepare Lamps for offering to Buddha. Any one who is interested can register to offer Lamps to Buddha, for you and for your family.  Each lamp offering will be for one year and placed at the Prayer Hall where Buddha’s relic is worship. There is also a special ancient Wisdom Buddha statue where Lamps will be offering to in the same Hall

The monastery have prepared the following Lamps for your offering and praying to receive blessings from Buddha.

1. The Medicine Buddha: for good health prayer
2. The Green Tara: for accomplishing your wishes
3. The Long Life Tara: for long life prayer
4. The White Zambhala: for luck, success and prosperity

Your registered names will be written on the Lamps and be read out at the weekly prayer at Buddha’s Relic Prayer Hall of the Monastery, with Khangser Rinpoche’s presence whenever he is at the Monastery.

How to register

Annual Lamp Offerring: USD120/year/Lamp

The Lamp will be lighted throughout the year of your offering.

This contribution will be transferred directly to the Food and Education Fund of the monks (students) at the Monastery.

For register, please go to Contact Us.