Thangkar Dechen Choling Monastic Institute has recently hosted over 140 participants from different countries who came to attend the Emptiness Retreat for the period from 27-31 Jan 2020, guided by Khangser Rinpoche.  During this period, participants received teaching on Emptiness and how to practice Emptiness meditation.  On the last day of the retreat, there was a puja of luck increasing performed by Khangser Rinpoche at the Thangkar Dechen Choling Monastic Institute for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Khangser Rinpoche Self-Retreat

During the coronavirus outbreak, Khangser Rinpoche spent 10 days self-retreat in March in order to pray to Buddha and Deity for the coronavirus outbreak to be under control. Rinpoche also had a number of collective Prayer and Talking sessions with his students during this time.

Mid-term Exam

March is also the exam time for all the monks at Thangkar School. The study is on-going and has progressed well as planned.

A visit to Theravada Temple in Kathmandu

Khangser Rinpoche paid a visit to a Theravada Temple in Kathmandu earlier this year. The visit resulted in a future Student Exchange Program between the Temple and Thangkar Dechen Choling Monastic Institute when the monks can learn more about both Theravada and Mahayana Buddhist traditions.

A special visit of Cuckoo bird to Monastery

Towards the end of March and into April, Thangkar Institute welcomed beautiful singing of Cuckoo bird many times during the day, particularly in the morning and continuously for almost 2 weeks.  According to Tibetan traditions, it is very special and auspicious when Cuckoo birds sing.

A story was told that Khangser Rinpoche had a dream in that he met with his Master who sat on the bed and Rinpoche was down on the floor and keep saying “I pay homage”, “I pay homage”, “I pay homage”.  When awake the next morning, he immediately heard the songs of Cuckoo bird for the first time after first hearing it 15 years ago and these singing lasted for almost 2 weeks continuously.

A visit to Nagarjun Cave in Nepal

Khangser Rinpoche paid a visit to an auspicious Nagarjun cave in Kathmandu where it is believed that Nagarjun Bodhisattva came to practice dharma during his time.