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Thangkar School

Thangkar School

Thangkar school was established in March 2018, following the license granted by Nepal Ministry of Education. The School and the Guesthouse form part of the Thangkar Monastic Institute.

The school offers a wide range of major subjects such as math, science, social study, languages (Nepalese, English, Tibetan) and Buddhism.

The school first received around 50 students, forming into three classes. The numbers have subsequently increased to around 70 students in Nov 2019, with students aging from 6 to 15.

In general, students attend classes and activities from 8am-5pm daily. Favorite sports are table tennis and football.
There are a team of 24 teachers and staff working to support the school, students and the Monastery.

In 2019, mid and final term exams happened in August and early Dec.

The school recorded a high passing rate of students in the 2018-2019 school years.



The school curriculum includes
– Math
– Science
– Social Study
– Nepali
– Tibetan
– English

& Students

There are 3 classes with a total of 63 students.

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